Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wonderful Trip With Family To Vietnam សប្បាយណាស់

Family Wonderful Trip To Vietnam
This is my trip to Vietnam, I went to Vietnam on 6-10 Aug10 with my wife and son, and with my friend, Monika, her sibling's families and her friend,Ms Sattya. we were warmly welcomed by our friends in Vietnam, Saigon city. 
This is a group picture at Vinpearlland
6 Aug10 :The First Night In Nha Trang: We departed at 6:30am  to Saigon. It took about 2hrs30mins to get at the border. We arrived at about 12:30 and we had lunch at a romantic restaurant hosted by our friends, Mr Hien, Mr Quoc , Ms Trang and one more friend. We had very good food and chatted happily. After lunch, at 2pm  we continued our trip to Nha Trang. We arrived at Nha Trang at midnight. (My recommendation for your trip, you should stay overnight at Saigon and next day, you should depart in the morning to Nha Trang. DON'T travel during the night because there are many buses, it is so dangerous).
7 Aug10:The Dream Become True: We had breakfast near the Anh Anh hotel, then we continued to Vinpealland. It is very nice place for every family. It was the first time for me to see 4-D Film and the artificial sea-wave pool. We were happy during our trip at Vinpearlland because it was a shinny day. We had ninner at the restaurant in the tourist area. Good food and reasonable price.
8 Aug10:Bye Bye Nha Trang with Good memories: We checked out in the morning, after breakfast at 8:00am  we visited Cham Temple, and  Aquatic Museum. Then we departed back to Saigon. We had lunch at Bien Vinh Hao Restaurant Tel: 0683761391, 0623853356. It was good food. We arrived at Saigon at 8pm. we had dinner separately. Monika and I were invited by Ms Trang and Quoc to have dinner at one restaurant in the area of backpacker. After dinner we had drink near the place had dinner. I returned to Saigon Hotel 3 at midnight. 
9 Aug10, The Last Night in Saigon: We visited Dainam, a new tourist place in Saigon. about 40km from the place we stayed. We spent the whole day  enjoyed this place. there are many activities. it is very big place. What had enjoyed this place are 4-D Film, Snow Room and the artificial beach. We back at the hotel at 6pm. I had the special invitation to have dinner with my family at Hieng's house. Hien came to pick me up at 7pm. My son and I were on the bike of Hien's friend, Christin. My wife was on the bike with Hien. It was the amazing day for me to see the real view of Saigon by night on the fast-driving bike. The son of Hieng is very naughty, smart, talkative and active. He is very lovely boy. We had very good food and my son likes to play game from the TV. After coming  back from Hien's house, We had farewell drink with the rest of our group, Ms Sattya, Ms Monika, Mr Pheak and Mr Kdey. We enjoyed the Last Night Drink in Saigon until midnight.
 On the left is
 Ms Trang and Mr Quoc on the Right.
10 Aug10, Home Sweet Home: It was the last day in Saigon, we took a taxi to do shopping until the bus departed to Phnom Penh, Cambodia at noon time. We arrived home at 6pm with a little gift from Saigon to our relatives and friends.
Special Thanks
On behalf of our group, we would like to express our deeply thanks to all friends in Vietnam, especially Quoc, Trang and Hien who are the special organizers and work hard for providing the Update information and help us during our trip to Nha Trang, Vietnam. We enjoyed very much  and we will   come back again.



  1. lolz.... Yeah very happy... BIG THX for Quoc and Trang... But Mr, Rith, do you remember "Scheck...! Scheck...!" ahahhahhahahaha

  2. Thank you Rith and Monica. We are very glad to know your happy trip in Vietnam. It was cheerful for those nights... I will make more seafood for both you guys next time...

  3. From Trang: Love to welcome You guys to Saigon! I know one more kind of 'seafood' after the dinner at backpacker restaurant. Lol! Next time maybe i will just order this kind to you for meal because see that you guys love it! haha!

  4. @ Trang: How kind u r my dear??? you only order seafood for us??? But i know Quoc gonna help me, so he will eat all those seafoods... :P :D XD
    @ Quoc: You will help to finish that seafood if Trang order for me, right??? Btw, why wrote my name in wrong word??????