Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cambodia plans to build the tallest building in Asia


By Khmerization
Source: DAP News

Cambodia plans to build the tallest building in Asia

អគារដែលខ្ពស់ជាងគេនៅចិនTop: China's tallest building 

 bottom:Some of the planned development projects on Koh Pich Island.
Prime Minister Hun Sen has announced that Cambodia will build the tallest building in Asia from private investments but he did not say when the this project will commence. However, Mr. Touch Samnang, chairman of the Koh Pich development project, said the building will cost more than $200 million to build.

Speaking during a graduation ceremony at the University of Human Resource this morning, Mr. Hun Sen said the building will be 555 metres tall and will be built in Koh Pich Island in Phnom Penh. He said once completed, it will the tallest building in Asia.
However, Mrs. Non Theary, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Urban Planning and Constructions, said the ministry has not received the development application for the construction of the building yet, but said it might still be at the hand of the Phnom Penh City Authority. But Mr. Pa Socheatevong, Deputy Governor of Phnom Penh, said he had yet to receive to the building application of this tallest building.
Mr. Touch Samnang, however, said that the plan is in its feasibility study stage, but said the feasibility study will be completed in the not too distant future.
Mr. Hun Sen's announcement coincides with the inauguration of China's tallest building in Beijing which stands at 330 metres tall.

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