Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vishnu God by Dararith

140.K>5387  Reclining Visnu
Second half of the XIth Century 
Western Prasat Mebon, Siem Reap
H: 121.8 cm
E: 1230  E/1  30.8 

Fragments of this statue were found in 1936 during excavations of a platform of the Western Mebon temple and were brought to the National Museum on December 1, 1950.

This deity is a testimony to the talent of Khmer artists in the production of monumental bronze statues.

Two lintels (k>1789, k>2097) of the Prei Khméng style displayed in the portico on the western side of the Museum edifice depict Visnu reclining on the ocean on the nāga known as Śeśa. Brahma is seated on a lotus flower that grows from visnu's navel. He is the preserver of the world.

The stern facial expression and the head resting on the hand highlight his determination at the moment when he saves the world.

This work illustrates two fundamental points:
-      the art of inlaying the eyes with precious stones that we have already seen in the Baphuon style Śiva (k>1682)
-      the accessories that include armbands,  bracelets and pectoral collar.

This pectoral collar is round and has a large rosette in the center. It is decorated with pendants in the back. The surface is decorated with pairs of oval motifs.

These charateristics are typical to the Baphuon style but were also popular in the Angkor Wat style.

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